Anti-aging Rose Facial Oil Recipe

One of my essential skincare products that I absolutely enjoy to use twice a day on a daily basis is face oil / serum. Face oil combines the power of nourishing oil and healing essential oil to benefit skin in numerous ways. You will have an easier time to find all-natural facial oil than many other skincare products in the market as it doesn’t require preservatives. But do you know face oil is also super easy to make yourself?  Below is one of my favorite anti-aging face oil recipe. It is all natural, easy to make and nourish all skin type especially for those who have normal to dry or mature skin type. Enjoy!


.3 oz                Apricot Kernel Oil

.3 oz                Argan Oil

.3 oz                Rosehip Oil

3 Drops          Rose Essential Oil

3 Drops          Frankincense Essential Oil


Mix the essential oil first then add carrier oil, mix well and enjoy!