Although tried many hand cream recipes in winter, I have never made hand cream in summer as weather is humid where I live. Since we now live in a time we need to wash or sanitize hands million times a day I find myself in need of dry hand remedy again in the middle of summer. Here is a super simple recipe for hand cream with Lavender scent that reminds me of summer times that we can go places freely. Here you go.

Prepare time: 5 MINS


2 TBSP                MANGO BUTTER

2 TSP                  ALOE VERA GEL


2 DROPS             VITAMIN E (D-alpha-tocopherol)


  1. Blend mango butter till smooth (2 mins via hand mixer)
  2. Add Aloe Vera Gel, blend it together
  3. Add Lavender essential oil and Vitamin E oil, blend again till mix well

Perfect DIY Spa Day At Home Recipe

Dream about pampering yourself with a DIY spa day kit at home but don’t know how to start? Here are some easy DIY SPA day recipes to get some SPA water, bath salt, sugar scrub, face mask and body oil ready in minutes for your next spa day. These are some of my basic recipes for a quick treatment, you can add your personal twist to make DIY spa day kit for gifts or invite friends and loved ones to join!

  1. Strawberry Cucumber Spa Water

Nothing like a colorful blissful drink to set the relaxing mood. Spa water is another pretty name for fruit infused water. One of my favorites is strawberry and cumber water as you can eat the rest of the strawberries and place cucumber slices on eyes later at facial.

Prepare time: 3 mins


Two strawberries

Few slices of cumbers

Tonic water (I used coconut water)
Directions: slices the fruit and place them in glass (save at least 2 cucumber slices for later). Fill the glass with water/tonic water/coconut water or anything you prefer.  

2. Soothing Rose & Oats bath salt:

I pretty much start all my bath salt mix with Epsom salt for it can sooth sore muscles at the end of the day then add preferred herbs. I always blend the herbs and oats first and add it to the salt mix as I am not sure if they will drain well I my hundred-old house if added directly.

Prepare time:  3 mins


½ Cup Epson salt

½ Cup Himalayan pink salt

1 TBSP Dried Rose Petal

1 TBSP Rolled Oats

Directions: blend rose petal and rolled oats, add them in Epson salt & Himalayan pink salt mix, stir till mixed completely.

3. Refreshing Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs is another of my must have DIY Spa day items. It’s all natural and can be used on both face and body. It gently buffered away dead skin cells and skin literally softened, brightened and smoother right away. Here I added peppermint as it is my favorite herb to add for summer. If you are having trouble finding dry herbs, my hack is to check your tea cabinets. A lot of herbal tea have what we need and they are already blended and ready to be added to your next beauty DIY product.

Prepare time: 3 mins


½ Cup Cane Sugar

1 Peppermint Tea Bag

1 TBSP Aloe Vera Gel

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy.

4. Detoxing Green Tea Face Mask

Prepare time: 3 mins

One of my most used DIY face masks contains green tea and honey for their detoxing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, (Well, their benefits go way beyond this) and they smell so good! In this recipe I added French green clay as my skin feels it can use some deep cleansing recently. You can skip it or use different clay or oats instead.


1 Green Tea Bag

1 TBSP French Green Clay / Kaolin Clay

1 TSP Honey

Directions: Mix all the ingredients together and enjoy.

5. Sweet Orange Almond Body Oil

Last step of a spa day I ritually like to use body oil instead of lotion. My favorite is sweet almond oil as it is light, non-greasy and moisturizing. If you are lucky enough to have a loved one ready to give you a massage then jojoba oil might be a better choice. You can apply body oil directly and massage into skin. I like to add essential oil for extra pampering and one of my favorites is sweet orange or lavender if I am ready for bed. If you are familiar with aromatherapy, you can add few drops your favorite mix.

Prepare time: 1 min


Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Orange / Lavender essential oil

Directions: Add few drops of your favorite essential oil to body carrier oil and massage into skin.

Quick Rose Sugar Scrub / Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe

Microbeads is one of microplastic can be found on almost every beach worldwide. There are 5 Trillian floating pieces of plastic contaminating our water. Out of many alternatives to microbeads, my favorite is fine sugar. Fine sugar is natural source of glycolic acids which boots cell production and breaks down proteins that keep dead cells attached to your skin. It can quickly dissolve in water and leaves nothing for our water after jobs done. Below is quick Rose and Peppermint sugar scrub recipe for face and body. Enjoy!


Peppermint sugar scrub

1 TSP     Dried peppermint

3 TBSP  Cane Sugar

½ TBSP  Aloe Vera Gel

Rose sugar scrub

1 TSP     Dried rose petals

3 TBSP  Cane Sugar

½ TBSP  Aloe Vera Gel


  1. Grind dry peppermint or rose petals
  2. Add cane sugar and Aloe vera gel
  3. Stir well

Lemon Hand Cream Recipe

As a person who constantly washes hands throughout the day (Sometimes for no reason), I am always on the hunt for next great hand cream recipe especially when weather gets colder. Comparing to body butter, I like hand cream to be thicker, more moisturizing yet still easy to absorb and smooth to apply. Below is a hand cream recipe with Mango butter, healing Chamomile, Calendula and Sunflower oil. Enjoy!


2 Tbsp                Mango Butter

1 Tsp                   Chamomile & Calendula infused Sunflower oil

2 Tsp                   Aloe Vera Gel

6 Drops              Lemon Essential Oil

Few Drops          Vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopherol)


  1. Blend mango butter till smooth (2 mins via hand mixer)
  2. Add Sunflower oil and Aloe Vera Gel, blend it together
  3. Add Lemon essential oil and Vitamin E oil, blend again till mix well

Healing Hand Balm Recipe

Many of us have drier hands when weather get windier, drier and chillier. If your hands are dry, they are more prone to minor cuts as well (commonly by paper, plants or nails).  Below we would like to share our classic healing, moisturizing and silky-smooth hand balm recipe. It combines the healing power of Chamomile and sunflower oil with uplifting lemon scent and it has a smooth cream-to-oil texture. Your hands will be pampered through the cold season. Enjoy!


3 TBSP                Chamomile infused Sunflower Oil

1 TBSP                Beeswax

5 Drops              Lemon Essential Oil


  1. Melt the Beeswax (2 mins via microwave, 10 mins over low heat)
  2. Pour in Sunflower Oil, stir till everything melts altogether again, cool down for a minute
  3. Add lemon essential oil, stir again and let it cool
  4. When the mixture hardens, blend for a few minutes till creamy texture
  5. Pour the mix into preferred container and enjoy!