Homemade Charcoal Toothpaste Recipe

As a frequent coffee and tea drinker, I need to whiten my teeth from time to time to remove stains. Today I made a classic toothpaste recipe with charcoal, coconut oil and baking soda. It smells great, tastes a bit salty and brightened teeth instantly after one use. Enjoy!


1 TBSP                Coconut oil

¼ TSP                  Charcoal Powder

¼ TSP                  Baking Soda


Mix all the ingredients together, apply pea size to your toothbrush and enjoy!

Detoxing Green Tea Clay Face Mask

There is always that time of the year, acne magically made its way to forehead for no obvious reason. As a person with normal to dry skin, I usually skip clay in my usual masks until acne paid its expected visit. Here I would like to share a simple 3 ingredients clay mask recipe to detox and battle acne. You can also add 1-2 drops of tea tree essential oil for extra benefit. Enjoy!


3 TBSP                Aloe Vera Gel

1 TBSP                French Green Clay

1 TBSP                Green Tea Powder


Mix all the ingredients well and apply on clean and damp face.

Quick reminder: Never let clay mask become dry on your face, rinse it off while it’s still wet, and of course always test it first if you have never tried French clay before.

Soothing Lavender Bath Salts

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a soothing bath at the end of day. Here is my go to simple homemade recipe with like lavender, oats, chamomile, Himalayan salts and Epsom salts. Add your favorite essential oil to make it your own rejuvenating heaven. Enjoy!


½ Cup   Epsom Salt

½ Cup   Himalayan Salt

1 TBSP  Rolled Oats

1 TBSP  Chamomile Flowers

1 TBSP  Lavender Flowers


  1. Grind rolled oats, Chamomile Flowers and Lavender flowers together
  2. Add Epsom Salt and Himalayan Salt
  3. Stir well and enjoy!

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Drinking tea is one of my favorite activities all year long. Do you know you can make many skincare products by using your tea bags and few minutes of your time? Below I would like to share a green tea sugar scrub recipe with green tea powder, sugar and aloe Vera. Enjoy!


1 Tea bag         Green Tea Powder

½ Cup            Cane Sugar

2 TBSP            Aloe Vera Gel


  1. Mix green tea powder and cane sugar
  2. Add Aloe Vera Gel
  3. Stir well and Enjoy!

Anti-aging Rose Facial Oil Recipe

One of my essential skincare products that I absolutely enjoy to use twice a day on a daily basis is face oil / serum. Face oil combines the power of nourishing oil and healing essential oil to benefit skin in numerous ways. You will have an easier time to find all-natural facial oil than many other skincare products in the market as it doesn’t require preservatives. But do you know face oil is also super easy to make yourself?  Below is one of my favorite anti-aging face oil recipe. It is all natural, easy to make and nourish all skin type especially for those who have normal to dry or mature skin type. Enjoy!


.3 oz                Apricot Kernel Oil

.3 oz                Argan Oil

.3 oz                Rosehip Oil

3 Drops          Rose Essential Oil

3 Drops          Frankincense Essential Oil


Mix the essential oil first then add carrier oil, mix well and enjoy!

Healing Hand Balm Recipe

Many of us have drier hands when weather get windier, drier and chillier. If your hands are dry, they are more prone to minor cuts as well (commonly by paper, plants or nails).  Below we would like to share our classic healing, moisturizing and silky-smooth hand balm recipe. It combines the healing power of Chamomile and sunflower oil with uplifting lemon scent and it has a smooth cream-to-oil texture. Your hands will be pampered through the cold season. Enjoy!


3 TBSP                Chamomile infused Sunflower Oil

1 TBSP                Beeswax

5 Drops              Lemon Essential Oil


  1. Melt the Beeswax (2 mins via microwave, 10 mins over low heat)
  2. Pour in Sunflower Oil, stir till everything melts altogether again, cool down for a minute
  3. Add lemon essential oil, stir again and let it cool
  4. When the mixture hardens, blend for a few minutes till creamy texture
  5. Pour the mix into preferred container and enjoy!

Homemade Sweet Mint Lip Balm Recipe

When weather gets windier and colder, lip balm or Chapstick are remembered again and become essential piece in many people’s purses. Do you know lip balm is one of the easiest DIY personal care products and you can made within minutes? Here we would like to share of our classic peppermint lip balm recipe for your inspiration. Enjoy!


2 TBSP                            Sunflower Oil

1 TBSP                            Beeswax

3 Drops                           Peppermint Essential Oil

2 Drops                           Vanilla Extract             


  1. Melt Beeswax (2 mins via microwave, 10 mins over low heat)
  2. Add Sunflower Oil, stir well and let it cool for a minute
  3. Add peppermint essential oil and vanilla essential oil, stir again.
  4. Pour the mix into preferred container, wait till it hardens (usually 5-10 mins) and enjoy!

Sweet floral thieves body oil recipe

Nothing feels better than apply your favorite body oil on damp skin right after long bath or shower. Thieves oil is well known for its immune system boosting, congestion relieving and mood lifting quality This body oil is inspired by classic thieves oil recipe with a little touch of sweet floral scent. It perfect for season change or any time of the year. Enjoy!


1/2 Cup             Sweet Almond Oil

1/2 Cup             Jojoba Oil                      

10 Drops           Clove Essential Oil     

9 Drops             Lemon Essential Oil   

9 Drops             Bergamot Essential Oil

5 Drops             Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

5 Drops             Jasmine Absolute/Essential Oil             

4 Drops             Eucalyptus Essential Oil

3 Drops             Rosemary Essential Oil

3 Drops             Vanilla Essential Oil


Mix all the essential oil, add Sweet Almond oil and Jojoba Oil and mix well.

Homemade easy lotion recipe

Lotion is one of the easiest DIY personal care product you can make for you and your family. With a few ingredients and a few minutes of your time, you can enjoy natural silky-smooth body lotion with your favorite scent (even better!) Below we like to share our super easy lotion recipe with Aloe Vera Gel. Enjoy!


1 Cup   Aloe Vera Gel

4 TBSP Sweet Almond Oil

4 TBSP Jojoba oil

1 TBSP shea butter

5-10 drops Sweet Orange essential oil (optional)


  1. Melt Shea Butter (few minutes with double boiler, 5 sec via microwave)
  2. Let melted shea butter cool to room temperature and just start to harden
  3. Add Sweet Almond oil and Jojoba oil to Shea butter and mix well
  4. Slowly add Aloe Vera Gel and mix well
  5. Add Sweet Orange essential oil (or your preferred essential oil), mix again and enjoy!

How to make sweet floral perfume with essential oil

Making your own perfume can be an interesting experience. Here we like to share one of our favorite perfume recipes with essential oil. It has a sweet floral scent with classic Jasmine, Lavender, Bergamot and vanilla essential oil. It can be used day or night. Give it a try if you are interested. Enjoy! 


1 TBSP               Sweet Almond Oil

5 TBSP               Grain Alcohol

2 TBSP               Distilled water

1 TBSP               Vegetable glycerin (make perfume last longer)

4 drops               Sandalwood essential oil

3 drops               Vanilla essential oil

4 drops               Neroli essential oil

3 drops               Ylang Ylang essential oil

4 drops               Bergamot essential oil

3 drops               Jasmine essential oil

4 drops               Lavender essential oil


1.           Add sweet almond oil to the bottle

2.           Add 4 drops of sandalwood essential oil

3.           Add 3 drops of Vanilla essential oil

4.           Add 4 drops of Rose essential oil

5.           Add 3 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil

6.           Add 4 drops of Bergamot essential oil

7.           Add 3 drops of Jasmine essential oil

8.           Add 4 drops of Lavender essential oil

9.           Add 5 TBSP of grain alcohol

10.        Shake the bottle for a few minutes and let it sit for about a week

11.        Test the scent, if you are satisfied at this point add 2 TBSP of distilled water, shake the bottle to mix the perfume and enjoy!