Healing Hand Balm Recipe

Many of us have drier hands when weather get windier, drier and chillier. If your hands are dry, they are more prone to minor cuts as well (commonly by paper, plants or nails).  Below we would like to share our classic healing, moisturizing and silky-smooth hand balm recipe. It combines the healing power of Chamomile and sunflower oil with uplifting lemon scent and it has a smooth cream-to-oil texture. Your hands will be pampered through the cold season. Enjoy!


3 TBSP                Chamomile infused Sunflower Oil

1 TBSP                Beeswax

5 Drops              Lemon Essential Oil


  1. Melt the Beeswax (2 mins via microwave, 10 mins over low heat)
  2. Pour in Sunflower Oil, stir till everything melts altogether again, cool down for a minute
  3. Add lemon essential oil, stir again and let it cool
  4. When the mixture hardens, blend for a few minutes till creamy texture
  5. Pour the mix into preferred container and enjoy!