Homemade Sweet Mint Lip Balm Recipe

When weather gets windier and colder, lip balm or Chapstick are remembered again and become essential piece in many people’s purses. Do you know lip balm is one of the easiest DIY personal care products and you can made within minutes? Here we would like to share of our classic peppermint lip balm recipe for your inspiration. Enjoy!


2 TBSP                            Sunflower Oil

1 TBSP                            Beeswax

3 Drops                           Peppermint Essential Oil

2 Drops                           Vanilla Extract             


  1. Melt Beeswax (2 mins via microwave, 10 mins over low heat)
  2. Add Sunflower Oil, stir well and let it cool for a minute
  3. Add peppermint essential oil and vanilla essential oil, stir again.
  4. Pour the mix into preferred container, wait till it hardens (usually 5-10 mins) and enjoy!