Easy Pink Lemonade Bath Bomb DIY Recipe for Kids

Bath bombs can fun for both adults and kids. However, if you are not too comfortable using citric acid on your or kids’ skin. Here is a simple recipe for you, it is all natural, smells great and still creates enough fizz to make it fun to watch. Enjoy!


1 ½ cup               Baking Soda

¾ Cup                 Cream of Tartar

½ Cup                 Himalayan pink salt

3 Tbsp                Grapeseed oil

5 drops               Lemon essential oil


  1. Mix Baking soda, cream of tartar and Himalayan pink salt well in a bowl
  2. Mix lemon essential oil with Grape seed oil
  3. Pour oil mix into the powder mix from Step 1 and stir well
  4. Place it in preferred mold halves, press them together for 10 secs
  5. Take the bomb out and let air dry for 24 hours